And again [Y de nuevo]

Editing the whole entry.

Today, 25/5/2013, after leaving this blog abandoned  for so much time and so… (didn’t expect anyone to read it) I want to let you know that my new blog is called nonsense speaker—>

This time, i’ts in Spanish only, I wanted to focus it as a Spaniard residing in Japan, as a married woman with a Japanese man, sorry for the inconvenience. You’re free to use the google translator or ask me to post in English, I will be glad to do it :).



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Well, actually over 30 hours I’ve stayed awake. This morning after working, at home my mom cooked breakfast and said she read beneficial news for me, which is about within 3 years after graduating University or high school are regarded as a new recruit employee. I doubted it and hurried to read official announcement by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare which says because of bad condition of getting job among young, government determined. Not 3 years passing since I graduated, I can do job hunting again in a good condition because I have the right to find better job with the support of country.                   Forgetting England and Canada for a while, I went outside and visited ‘ Hellowork’ for the first time, where is the public labor support center to whom search jobs. I registered my profile, and asked officer to give me much information.                                                       Back home, I send message to my counselor at studying abroad center. I’m now so thinking about my future, going to England or Canada, what’s more, I should do finding job activity.

I need to think more, but it’s good news for me to be a new recruit anyway.

sleepy haha


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England or Canada

Since I had to give up studying MBA in US, I’ve been obsessed ’bout my future. I visited support center located in Tokyo two weeks ago so that I would find another way to pursue my career not complain of her failure. I could sense she’d provide appropriate choice for me this time. In fact, she remorsefully promised me to give her hand.

Today I got a new message from her, that’s about college where you can get certain professional skills. As for me, it’s suitable for learning Hospitality (this area could be applied extensibly such as Hotel industry & Tourism) At the moment, she introduced me two schools as followed.

School in England – 1 year course. Total amount ( Tuition & living cost) is about 22056€

School in Canada- 2 year course. 1 year learning and the another year working with get paid. ( Tuition & living cost) is about 30879 €

She recommends me the Canada one because I can get some qualifications beside Diploma. Actually many grads received many job offers from this school.

Hmm.. I’m thinking a lot.

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Cheer up!

Recently my pet little bird, Ryu, has not been well. I often see he’s trembling, opening mouth to inhale much air. About 10 years my family tamed him inside cage. Once we had two birds, male and female, however female bird died after laying eggs. Unfortunately the new lives doesn’t come from eggs. And from the day male bird seemed lonely, and singing all the day like calling female dead one.
It’s a story we experienced someday 10 years ago. I happened to see balcony, then I noticed there are two white birds! One is our male one, but the other..?? Yeah, It’s Ryu. Without doubt, he flied away from somewhere and come to our house as if he answered our male bird’s singing. It’s so cute, isn’t it?  Now we have only one, Ryu, but we have to accept he’s old.. This morning, I encouraged him and took a photo.
Ryu~How are you??

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The Spanish Breakfast [El desayuno español]

This morning I was taking my breakfast while I was thinking that in different countries there’s different ways to take a breakfast, it’s not the same the French breakfast and the German one. We take different breakfast in different countries.

In Spain, nowadays we are not used to eat much at morning; we eat more at lunch time and not much at dinner (but some families’ eats a lot at night!!).

I’ll start with the working days, we are used to drink coffee with milk, and children are used to drink milk with cocoa powder (It’s yummy, I usually take this if I don’t eat cereal) it comes accompanied by toasts with jam, honey or butter, cookies, buns, and we are used to eat too cereal or “bocadillos” (a sort of sandwich very common in Spain).

Bocadillos can be filled with many things, it always have two breads with something between the breads.

When I was a child, children were used to drink a glass of milk (or milk with cocoa powder) and went to school until break time, where they ate the “bocadillo” that their mother prepared for them.

In my case, I used to not bring anything at school, because I always had time to take a nice break fast before going to school.

It is not uncommon in winter days to accompany the coffee with liqueur (usually “Anís” or “Carajillo”). It is also common to drink freshly squeezed orange juice, as in Spain, oranges are abundant and relatively cheap.

On workdays, we usually make a more strong “second breakfast”, between 10:00 and 12:00 in the morning, when companies tend to give half an hour for breakfast and schools the ringer gives the notice that the break time begins.

It is common for this breakfast to be taken in bars located near the workplace. In schools is more typical to take a bocadillo (sandwich) and a juice or smoothie in cartons.

During the weekends and / or special dates the churros and porras are quite typical, which are usually purchased in “churrerías” (Places where they mostly sell churros) or bars specialized in breakfast.

Churros are quite yummy and sweet, it has cylindrical from. Porras are bigger and thiker churros.
A traditional “churrería”, they can move the shop. It often opens at festivity days, national or city celebrations, at fairs, weekends… and in general, when they can get more customers. You can select many kinds of churros and eat it while walking.

In some localities, especially in rural areas usually do a breakfast using knife and fork, because the physical needs for the effort that is made when working in the field, they have to eat a lot such as pig’s trotters, cod with sauce, etc.

We eat different breakfast depending on our region.

Let’s take a look:

• Andalucía: Even if it seems the name of a woman is a region located at the south of Spain (with their awesome and funny dialect). Their traditional breakfast is called “Pan con Aceite” (Bread with oil), it has countryside origin, served in different ways and accompanied by sugar or salt (My grandma used to give me this meal as “merienda”, that’s a meal or snack at the evening, children are used to do it). It’s typical too the “Manteca colorá’” (“Manteca colorada” blushed* butter) based on lard, paprika and minced pork.

*Colorada can mean to have many colors, or to be blushed if we refer to someone. It doesn’t fit my tastes but I recoment you to try “La manteca colorá” at least once.

It’s called mostly “Desayuno Andaluz”, but the most common to eat at the cities are the toasts named before.

Bread, oil and sugar is awesome even if at first it seems a weird combination.

• In Galicia (located at the north-west of Spain, near Portugal) was traditional to divide the first traditional meal of the day, before the main meal (the “Xantar” ” yantar ” in Castilian, modernly translated into that language for “almuerzo” (breakfast)), in two sessions, especially in rural areas due to waking up so early to start the work of the field.

The first session, which used to be done first thing in the morning at home, is called “xaxún” (“ayuno” (fasting) in Castilian, referring to his break at half-night), consisted in Sopa Gallega (Galician soup), served with bread and sometimes wine, or “chips” of milk, where it is mixed with pieces of bread and some other ingredient (especially nuts, usually cooked); could be accompanied also with cheese, bacon, ham, sausage or other meat product.

By mid-morning was made the ” xaxún ” (a term that designates Galician now the modern breakfast, translated into Castilian for “ayuno”), more consistent, traditionally eaten outside the home, in the place of farming or livestock, and consists of bread, bacon, ham, sausage or the like, cheese, maybe some fruit and often a drink of brandy.

Modern has homologated this breakfast as the usual in the Iberian Peninsula, common being milk, coffee, cocoa, grains, carbohydrates (bread, toasted or not, cookies …), fruit (perhaps in the form of jam or marmalade), butter (which, as in Portugal, may have varying degrees of curing, it is not traditional oil, as in other parts of Spain), pastries, etc.. Consumed once (at home, newly awaken, usually between 7 and 9 am) and can be reinforced by another around noon (10-12 am), during a break in the workday or school.

• In Catalonia is very traditional the “Pa amb tomàquet” (Bread with tomato), accompanied by “embutido” (some kind of dry or prepared sausages).

Easy to make and yummy, it’s a very charateristic food from catalonia.
Embutido: Something very popular in Spain.

• Madrid is known the chocolate con churros (chocolate with churros).

The Yummy chocolate con churros, it’s awesome!

• In The Canaries is frequent to accompany the milk with gofio, a pre-Hispanic food made from corn or wheat that, when roasted, is milled artesanally or industrially. It is also common on some islands (mainly Lanzarote and Fuerteventura) to take what is known as “Leche y leche” (milk and milk) which is the traditional coffee with milk which was added condensed milk. In Tenerife is also known the “barraquito”, of Cuban origin, which is a transparent glass filled of coffee with foamed milk and condensed milk as well as cinnamon or chocolate powder on top and a dash of liqueur.

I never ate gofio, but it looks yummy.
Hmm… barraquito looks very yummy!

But, even having our traditional or not traditional breakfast, it’s not needed for us to eat our traditional breakfast always, for example, in my case, I never ate a “bocadillo” nor “Pa amb tomaquet) at morning, and I was more used to eat cereal, or milk with cocoa powder.

But I’m more used top eat the typical French breakfast (In France, they generally take as breakfast croissants, brioches and baguettes. Usually accompanying these buns with café au lait (“coffee with milk”).). Many Spanish workers they take the “Italian breakfast” (In Italy, in the morning before leaving for work they just drink coffee. By midmorning, as they went to work after 8 am, in a coffee bar they consume a cappuccino (coffee with milk with enough foam) and a cornetto (sweet croissant), which may come filled with cream, jam, honey, etc.).

Bon apetite! My beloved french breakfast!

When we go on a trip, if we stop some place to rest making a break in our travel, we do the Italian breakfast too.

But the mix of breakfast is called Continental Breakfasts: It’s a form of breakfast based on the traditional Mediterranean lighter breakfast. Typically consists of coffee and milk (often mixed as Cappuccino or latte) or hot chocolate, served with a variety of muffins such as brioche and pastries such as croissant, often accompanied by jam, cream or chocolate filling . It is often served with juice.

Continental breakfast may also include sliced cold-cooked meat such as salami or ham, and yogurt or cereal. Some European countries like the Netherlands or Scandinavia, add some fruit and cheese bread, and occasionally even a boiled egg.

Continental breakfast is not limited to Europe, appearing on menus in many hotels around the world.

Have a nice breakfast everyone!!


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Today, I woke up at 9:00 a.m, a little overslept because I was gonna get up at 8:00 a.m, last night I couldn’t get sleep include my future planning. I was speaking with Mire until late, it made me so relaxed.  Oh, today I met with Keisuke, and we rent a car , went to Kyoto! It was a scenic prefecture, mixed with ancient and modern atmosphere.

Here are photos/

Good night,


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Child’s imagination

Hoy solo en inglés

Today I was at class, I was pretty concentrated when suddenly I reminded many days of my past, when I used to draw or distract my mind with many other things at class, with other artificial beings created by my mind and sharing it with some of my friends. I loved to create, to write and draw the characters inside my mind, like a need to express and share awesome stories with others.  I realized sadly, when more time passes, more I see I cannot do anything with it, even if there’s people who tells me I’m wasting my talent, I know I won’t be able to use my overflowing imagination for anything good in this life.

I loved to imagine every time I went on a trip that I was going to a far place while looking through the car’s window in silent, hoping to find different people, different awesome places,… I felt like don’t want the car to stop and go far away.

I stopped to draw and I rarely write stories as I used to do, when more I leave it aside, clumsier I become, losing my skills little by little…

When I was a child I used to have lots of imagination, since I have memory it was the only thing that made me not feel alone sometimes, or made me happy other times.

I wasted many papers to draw and improve so constantly because of my love for drawing, to learn by myself things that I wasn’t able to learn, or creating stories… I started telling tales by myself to my mother, and ended making stories that made people cry.

Drawing and writing made me feel free, you can do everything you want, you can create, and create, and anyone can’t tell you it’s not possible, since the world of fiction is so wide, as wide as realistic.

But in my insides I feel I was not made for this… then, why I did it for nearly 19 years of my life? I asked myself many times, what is the use of it? It will never be my job… and it’s stopping to be my hobby. I stopped to have a reason to keep it.

But it’s only a little part of a big meditation I had today.


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