Accomplishment in my life.

It’s my first entry and I’ll write what I was asked to submit in Graduate University.

Having rebuilt baseball club in my junior high school affected me to the present. I learned the joy of creating tangible entity from intangible. Also I’ve gained initiative to lead many people even if it’s already known impossible to take action. I’ve not been tied in common stereotype. Always I’m searching new way to make circumstance better place. These are my basic ideas I’ve learned in my junior high schools.

My city was disorder and especially among young people. There were lots of delinquent guys bullying and not being obedient to teachers. In the city I grew up. In my junior high school, baseball club had been eliminated for nearly ten years because of rampage. Everybody did think it was impossible to rebuild baseball club. And nobody thought to take action for making this city better to live. I, at first, called around many friends to participate in the movement. We begged all teachers everyday. But teachers didn’t give us good reply. After many months, some teachers got irritated and saying ‘ You are persistent, it’s not our business.’ Some friends gave up asking and belonged to another club activities. Others laughed at my behavior, thinking crazy. But I further got motivation to make this situation change. Changing my movement, I made up mind to assemble signature from many students. Also I called at parent organization, what’s more, city mayor. It had been 6 months I got good news from the school principal. Finally the school admitted my action, exactly there were no to corporate me when I succeeded.

As soon as hearing this event, many news reporterers hurried to visit our school. I met with the press and insisted on the importance of pursuing your own goal. From the following year, I could have great days, from A to Z we experienced such as making uniform and registration for game. The memory made me who I am today.

In my university, I lived in a dormitory, there are 140 students living there. In the dorm, all students learn team play and cooperation. It’s the best place to build good human relationship. I can definitely say there are no place in another organization like my dormitory. It’s sad we don’t have privacy, each space is divided with only thin curtain, we have to share one room in 10 students. I like being with many people, however, only things I’d confused was it’s not best place for studying. Of course it’s normal, we can’t get sleep in same hour. Some practice playing guitar for club concert, others talk with girlfriend until morning. I made up mind not to leave dorm and live alone but to be this dorm president and make this dorm better place for everybody. Because some chose to rent apartment for the reason to study. I became candidate for the president and had dialogues with many roommates, suggesting I set studying hour from 12:00 a.m. All in all, I wanted this wonderful dorm to be learning space. As the result of convincing many people, everybody admired my enthusiasm, and I was chosen as the dorm leader.

I dedicated to dorm management. Lots of students have been studying hardly and some became teachers, and others working at top tier company now. It was hard to administer 140 people, but I’ve learned from my junior high, keeping my own goal.

I learned management ability and responsibility from the experience, but my basic belief that takes initiative and avoid stereotype have not changed.

Comment please if I had spelling mistakes.^^

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