Abnormal Climate

So… hot this year! How long has this temperature been last? It’s yet September, right?     Weather forecast says this week in Osaka, over 36 ℃ continues. I checked this time in last year, you know under 30℃ or so. So crazy. However, general consumers include myself spend lots of money to make ourselves cool, buying ice cream and beer, air conditioner is needless to say. Surely this weather stimulates economic recovery, but some commentariats say we may face backlash after this summer ends, people will keep tight hold on their purse strings not to use.

No matter what critics anticipates, we won’t stop spending money for a while. It’s almost become a cliche to say that it’s hot when people meet someone. As expression of abnormal climate, we often hear ‘El niño‘ and ‘ La niña‘ phenomenon.La niña is used here in Japan when summer is too hot. El niño is oppositely used when summer is cool. It’s funny to borrow the words from Spanish.


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