Dream-test my action-

Good day, What’s up?

Today I planed to get up early, but I woke up at evening. <gosh> Surely I was so tired from consecutive work days. I had a dream, I still remember. It was like someone monitored my action. I found a nice purse at a street. There were no people around me. I opened the purse, and I saw some bills, totally about  30000 yen, I was wondering to get these money.. ( thinking I can buy new ipod touch..) However, I think twice if I steal it’ll bring bad luck as compensation someday. After all, I delivered the purse to the police station. Good. He checked the contents, and I knew it was my acquaintance, my cram school student! She is a high school student, I’ve never be in charge of her, but only things I remember was she had nice legs, stylish. lol   In my dream I had  a conflict whether I take it or not. It was good lesson. I believe Mi-chan won’t take it. She’s awesome.

By the way, I read funny news. One is about Spain, some tourists did dig a hole at beach side. It was very deep hole, and you know? they were accidentally fell in the hole and struggled to get out. Luckily, it didn’t lead big matter with help of rescue team.                   Another news is about Paris Hilton. She arrived at Japan today but Japan didn’t allow her to enter because she had conviction of having cocaine. Japan is very strict about drug and past verdict. She came back to US after all.

How are you?


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