Can’t get into sleep. now 6:30 a.m.

After speaking my Girlfriend, Mireia, it was 4:00 a.m  in my time, it was 9:00 p.m  in Spain, I tried to sleep but i couldn’t get the sack. I’m not insomnia , just because heavy rain pouring outside ,and I had shocking news yesterday that in my graduate program I must meet the requirement of working at least 3 years. I was told by my counselor I didn’t need working experience. Just make the amount for studying abroad. So, I’ve been working at this hotel for nearly 1 and half year after university graduation. The counselor asked me if I can change the department. But I can’t think it. Because for the goal, I’ve been strived to study and make money. She’s really mean. She doesn’t care me well. I feel like I was betrayed. It reminds me of 3 years ago. My mom suffered mental illness directly before I gonna go to study abroad. I was very sad.. painful memory.                         I can’t stop being negative. It is  a disgusting night. The sound of heavy rain is increasing my nerve.  At last I opened my PC and logged in Skype. It was 6:00 a.m here. 11 p.m  Spain. My honey already slept and I didn’t see her status. then, her mother noticed me and said She was fall asleep.  I thought she’s tired of her studying at school. Her mother also asked me if she wakes her up. I said no~ it’s ok. But she said, Mireia would surely glad to wake up for you. I felt how nice family Mireia has. Mom and you are so awesome.  But she’s already getting into nice dream, when mom tries saying ‘Yuta asks you now” She said I love you. I heard it from her mom. It was so cute. Mire, always thanks a lot >< I’ll good take care. whatever happens, whenever I’m alone or be betrayed, I have I won’t feel’s power of LOVE?


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4 Responses to Can’t get into sleep. now 6:30 a.m.

  1. yoselinc says:

    Sometimes when we feel bad, we can feel better when we think about our loved people. I would be happy to wake up if Yuki —my boyfriend— wants to talk to me, so I can understand Mireia and I understand you, too =).

    I hope you can feel better soon!

  2. Mireia says:

    Bad night, gomen Honey!!
    Yesterday I went to sleep sooner because I felt that I caught a gold so I took medicine and went to sleep, mama was doing conference when I went to sleep so she didn’t knew that.
    You can ask to wake me up if you wanna~~ I surely want to sleak with you >3<
    Mama just said me that she have message at skype for me.

    Cheer up my sweetie pie!! chu!

  3. miyu0110 says:

    Thanks comment yoselinc! Yeah, I feel good now. Dark night when I can’t get into sleep, I feel lonely and a little depressed. But as you say, thinking of loved person gives me courage.

    I hope you would have nice time with your BF.

    Mi-chan, don’t worry at all^^
    Your mother cares me a lot. and when I said ‘ then I’ll sleep , thanks mom’, Your mom said ‘Swen Dreams’ What’s Swen?? very curious.^^

  4. miyu0110 says:

    Mama’s typo, she meant sweet haha

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