Cheer up!

Recently my pet little bird, Ryu, has not been well. I often see he’s trembling, opening mouth to inhale much air. About 10 years my family tamed him inside cage. Once we had two birds, male and female, however female bird died after laying eggs. Unfortunately the new lives doesn’t come from eggs. And from the day male bird seemed lonely, and singing all the day like calling female dead one.
It’s a story we experienced someday 10 years ago. I happened to see balcony, then I noticed there are two white birds! One is our male one, but the other..?? Yeah, It’s Ryu. Without doubt, he flied away from somewhere and come to our house as if he answered our male bird’s singing. It’s so cute, isn’t it?  Now we have only one, Ryu, but we have to accept he’s old.. This morning, I encouraged him and took a photo.
Ryu~How are you??

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2 Responses to Cheer up!

  1. yoselinc says:

    Cute bird!

    I used to have to small birds for years, well now they are in bird heaven, I guess. They died many years ago and now I have a dog named Zonko ;).

    Anyways, I wish your pet can have a very long and happy life.

    Cheer up Ryu~~!

  2. miyu0110 says:

    Gracias ><

    We feel comforted by pets, but… yes as living creatures have end of lives, that's painful to think. Because pets could happy days with their kind owners, so we should accept!

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