England or Canada

Since I had to give up studying MBA in US, I’ve been obsessed ’bout my future. I visited support center located in Tokyo two weeks ago so that I would find another way to pursue my career not complain of her failure. I could sense she’d provide appropriate choice for me this time. In fact, she remorsefully promised me to give her hand.

Today I got a new message from her, that’s about college where you can get certain professional skills. As for me, it’s suitable for learning Hospitality (this area could be applied extensibly such as Hotel industry & Tourism) At the moment, she introduced me two schools as followed.

School in England – 1 year course. Total amount ( Tuition & living cost) is about 22056€

School in Canada- 2 year course. 1 year learning and the another year working with get paid. ( Tuition & living cost) is about 30879 €

She recommends me the Canada one because I can get some qualifications beside Diploma. Actually many grads received many job offers from this school.

Hmm.. I’m thinking a lot.

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