Well, actually over 30 hours I’ve stayed awake. This morning after working, at home my mom cooked breakfast and said she read beneficial news for me, which is about within 3 years after graduating University or high school are regarded as a new recruit employee. I doubted it and hurried to read official announcement by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare which says because of bad condition of getting job among young, government determined. Not 3 years passing since I graduated, I can do job hunting again in a good condition because I have the right to find better job with the support of country.                   Forgetting England and Canada for a while, I went outside and visited ‘ Hellowork’ for the first time, where is the public labor support center to whom search jobs. I registered my profile, and asked officer to give me much information.                                                       Back home, I send message to my counselor at studying abroad center. I’m now so thinking about my future, going to England or Canada, what’s more, I should do finding job activity.

I need to think more, but it’s good news for me to be a new recruit anyway.

sleepy haha


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